3 foods to avoid before going to bed

Dry fruits

Generally speaking, eating fruit before bed is not very nice, as most of it contains elevated concentrations of sugar and carbohydrates. The best reason to prevent this conduct is that sugars and carbohydrates give your body the order to create an insulin hormone.

Insulin is a storage hormone that can force more fat in your body. The greatest issue with insulin, however, is that most of us suffer from what is known as “insulin resistance,” meaning that our insulin switch remains in the “ON” place continuously. So if you eat foods like dried fruits or other carbohydrate-rich products, your body will produce a lot more insulin than you really need.

So, what’s going on in your body with all that surplus sugar and insulin? They end up in your bloodstream most of the moment just to be stored around your stomach, hips, buttocks, and legs as fat. How do you understand if you are resistant to insulin? Immediately put your hand on your stomach and press. If your hand is filled with surplus fat, you are probably resistant to insulin.

Light yogurts

I’m sure years have passed since we informed you that light yogurts are great for your health after all… They contain less calories and sugar than whole yogurts. But have you ever looked at the light yogurt nutrition labels?

Most of them still contain 15 grams or more of sugar, which provides your body the signal to go into “fat storage” mode, particularly if you have to lose more than 10 pounds.

Worse yet, most low-sugar yogurts are packed with synthetic sweeteners that are particularly bad for your body. These sweeteners are up to six thousand times sweeter than ordinary sugar and thus…

There is no distinction between sugar and artificial sweeteners in your liver. They trigger the same insulin response, the one that transfers sugar to your fat cells, making your stomach, legs and handles your love larger.

If you want to eat yogurt, choosing Greek yogurt is better. Its elevated fat content gives you satiety and helps reprogram your body from “sugar burner” to “fat burner,” making you burn more body fat.


One of the most prevalent nutritional and weight loss lies is that low-fat cereals that are “heart-friendly” are great for your health. The sinister reality is that for your health, all cereals are really very bad.

Flour, organic meal, whole grains… these are just industrial foods that make your body store more fat.

For instance, Cheerios advertising claims to be “good for the core” because they are “reduced cholesterol” and “low in calories.”

And yet, sodium phosphate is one of the components in Cheerios. This same ingredient is also used as a washing product, as a laxative, and it also goes into the structure of the toilet (disgusting!) disinfectant tablets.

They also have glyphosate residues, one of the active ingredients found in herbicides. The International Cancer Research Agency has found this to be an agent likely to be carcinogenic to humans.

Frankly, it’s part of the pesticide structure and despite that, we’re eating and eating our kids!

It is a variety of chemicals (most of which are highly hazardous) that are assembled in any treatment plant and only slow you down, steal your energy and store unwanted fat around your stomach.

At this stage, you need to ask yourself what is the best snack to eat before going to sleep while enabling you to burn off your surplus fat and what you need to do to end up losing those additional pounds.