how to get rid of a headache without pills

He Gu Points or Closed Valley (GI4):

These symmetrical points are in the back of the hand, in the hollow between the thumb and the index finger. If you put a little pressure on this area, it will relieve headache, toothache, back pain and tension in the neck muscles.

The Shuai Gu point or the Cent meeting (VG20)

These points are 2-3 cm from the beginning of the hairline above the ear. If you put pressure on this area, it relieves migraine and eyestrain.

Tian Zhu Point or the Gates of Heaven (V10)

You can find these points in the back of the head, in the middle, between the ears and the beginning of the spine. To relieve nasal congestion, eye fatigue, ear pain, headaches, neck headaches and migraines, do this massage.

Yingxiang points or welcome fragrance (GI20)

This point is next to the two wings of the nose. Massaging this point is recommended in case of sneezing, congestion and runny nose, loss of smell, red eyes and nasal polyps.