10 Early pregnancy symptoms, first signs you should take a pregnancy test

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Do you think you are pregnant? Pregnancy tests can determine that if you are not in a rush. If you are impatient type and want to know the first sign of pregnancy that can start even before your next period. If you already have experienced a few signs and symptoms and want to confirm it like a boss, head to a drugstore to pick up a pregnancy test or have your appointment fixed with your family doctor.

 But, if you are not confirmed yet, and want to learn about the first signs of pregnancy, keep reading it.

10 First signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Many think missing a period is something you must suspect. I would say before you miss a period, you may suspect or hope that you are pregnant. For most of the women, the first signs of pregnancy appear in the first week after conception.

1. Swollen Breasts:

Breasts provide one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, note it. As early as within two weeks hormonal changes due to pregnancy will tender your breasts which will lead to soreness? You may feel your breasts heavier than before. If you are feeling something heavier than before, you must have a check-up. to continue reading open next, the 10th means that you are surely pregnant …

2. Fatigue:

It has been found that all women feel tired, fatigues in the early days of pregnancy. This sign is ranked high among the first signs of pregnancy. During the pregnancy, the levels of hormone progesterone hike. The hormone due to high dosage puts you sleep more than you normally sleep, or may make you feel tired all the time. The lower blood pressure, blood sugar level, and increase blood production may team up to lower your energy during pregnancy.

3. Cramping:

Slight bleeding or cramping is the first sign of pregnancy. The bleeding happens due to the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, after two weeks of fertilization.

The bleeding is lighter, spottier and different from the regular period bleeding and would not last long.

You can also feel abdominal cramping, similar to the menstrual cramps.

4. Pregnancy nipples:

The very first sign of pregnancy is darker nipples. Are your nipples looks darker than normal, pregnancy hormones have affected them to turn out their color to red or dark? Darker complexioned women may not notice this until 2-3 months of pregnancy.

5. Nausea with or without vomiting:

Nausea or morning sickness affects up to 85 percent of all women. This strike for few early weeks and many women experience subtle motion sickness as early signs of pregnancy.

The pregnant women can have a heightened sense of smell, various odors such as foods, cooking, perfume, cigarette and much more.

6. Missed period:

The most obvious and largely known early signs and symptoms of pregnancy are missed a period. But, not all missed delays are caused by pregnancy.

All women after the first four weeks of pregnancy miss their regular cycles. If you are pregnant, ask you are a doctor about what should you be aware of bleeding or anything else.

There are reasons to miss a period without pregnancy; it can be due to gaining or losing too much weight. Hormonal problems sometimes impact on the regular cycles of stress sometimes.

7. Urinating more often:

Your doctor may tell you that more often urination starts after the baby grows to 4 months or more. But, in some cases, women feel more urination in the first four weeks.

The swelling uterus puts pressure on your bladder and increases in the bathroom breaks start. The extra blood pressure that flows to the kidneys also causes them to produce more urine.

8. Food cravings:

It is recorded that, food cravings are one of the most noticing symptoms of early and late pregnancy. It is not yet revealed that craving is related to a lack of particular nutrient needed, or certain foods are part of the instinctive mechanism that triggers this kind of response.

It is paramount to eat healthy and nutrient-rich food for the health of both pregnant women and children. Both women and children should intake essential nutrients, especially protein and folic acid.

9. Mood swings:

A sudden change in mood is also evident and early signs of pregnancy. This is related to hormone changes, fatigue and stress in the early days of pregnancy when the body is not habitual for those important changes. It is normal to feel emotional or sensitive about any conditions, abrupt mood fluctuations are normal.

10. Light-headedness:

Lightheadedness in pregnancy is due to changes in the blood pressure. Altered balance due to weight changes, and other factors like deficiency of iron.

The lightheadedness can be more prominent while changing positions. Like, if you are standing, and suddenly sit-down or if are sitting, lying down.

For pregnant women, changing positions should be slow and gradual. Drink plenty of drinks, healthy fluids and eating smaller, more frequent meals. It can help you to reduce the frequency of light-headedness.