11 Cancer Prevention Tips You Are Probably Violating right now

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The latest technological advancement has paved the ways for developing tools and medicines to heal even the deadliest disease except for cancer.

There are some latest methods and machines which can heal a few types of cancers if they are caught at the earliest stage.

The only way to heal from cancer is to prevent it.

If you have been following an unhealthy life routine, not only it appeals to cancers to grow inside you, but other harmful diseases.

Healthy behaviors can go a long way towards improving your health and lowering down the risk of many types of cancers and other diseases such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and much more.

The processor of adopting a healthy life routine would not be as difficult as many of us think.

Control your health, encourage your family members to do the same.

Choose one or two behavior mentioned to adapt over the course of one month or two.

If you see the behavior has far rooted inside you, have others enlisted.

Within a few months, you will see mesmerizing changes have taken place, and the entire life routine would shift to a new healthy track.

These are some major cancer-preventing rules you must not overlook:

Maintain a healthy weight:

Keeping your weight in check is a difficult thing, especially for overweight persons. This is among one of those things which are easy said than done. If you are overweight and have been facing issues in lowering it down, first try to stop gaining weight anymore.

Once you are off to this and follow the same health paradigm, the risk a few months, you will experience weight drop.

For overweight persons, it is recommended to start with very little. Do not push beyond the limits, and add physical activity and movement into your life. Maintaining the right weight is one of the best things to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Get to eat right and healthy foods, and consume fruits vegetables and wholly necessary. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars. The sugars intakes are linked to inflammation in the body and can raise the risk of cancer inside you.

Be physically active:

Physically active persons are less exposed to grow all types of cancer. Be active for at least 30 minutes in a day, and have a brisk walk. This is advised by experts that try to be physically active, get indulge in some gaming habits or have some chit-chat with your friends in a coffee shop or somewhere else near to your home.

As your fitness improves, aim for 60 minutes for more activity of the kind. If you are young, aim for at least 30 minutes of vigorous physical activity- daily.

Do not smoke:

Tobacco is directly linked to growing many types of cancer, including lung cancer, mouth, larynx, stomach, liver, pancreas, colon and much more.

For smokers the chances of getting cancer to elevate. If you are trying to quit and have never been lucky to get it done, try to join a quit smoking program. It has that with the programs, thousands of people have changed their lives altogether.

Chewing tobacco:

Many people tend to chew tobacco instead of smoking. The impact of chewing tobacco would be more than smoking; it directly affects the mouth and pancreas. People with the habit of chewing tobacco often found with growing pancreatic cancer.

Limit the use of alcohol consumption:

Alcohols have long been found a major reason behind cancer cells. If you want to lower the risk of growing cancer, limit your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks. It is recommended that for women it is recommended to have one drink, and for men two drinks in a whole day.

Over-consumption of alcohol increases the risk of mouth, liver, colon and rectum cancer. For women, it is linked to breast cancer.

Proper Skincare:

Proper skincare leads you to prevent skin cancer, the deadliest type of cancer.

Avoid indoor tanning and protect your skin from the sun. Using a tanning bed before the age of 23 increases the risk of developing skin cancer. The skin cancer risk elevates with every use of tanning beds.

Filtered tap water:

As per the latest reports drinking public filtered water is way better than bottled water for health.

You can have a filtered installed at your home. This will reduce the exposure of carcinogens and home disrupting chemicals that are often found in bottled water.

Sexually transmitted infections:

This is one of the less known prevention you must avoid preventing cancer. Among other problems, sexually transmitted infections such as human papillomavirus are linked to many different types of dangerous cancers. Protect yourself from these infections, and the risk of getting cancer will lower down.

We are not forcing you not to have sex. The best practice would be to live in committed monogamous relations with someone who does not have such an infection.

Limit consumption of Salt:

Salt is one of the necessary elements for human health. But overconsumption of salt can lead to many different types of cancers including stomach and liver.

Salt preserved foods are the biggest reason for cancer in most parts of the world. To avoid the risk, the experts recommend the consumption of processed food with the salt should be less than 2400 milligrams of sodium in a day.

Avoid Radon:

Radon is natural radioactive gas available in the earth’s crust. Exposure to radon increases the risk of lung and other deadliest cancers.

Take practical measures that you are not exposed to radon in your home and outside.

Rethink your vitamin intakes:

Most of the people around the world take an artificial supply of vitamins instead of natural. It is easy to take one multivitamin in a day, but it can increase the risk of cancer. Like, Vitamin B is recommended to have for women who are pregnant. Overconsumption of eating is linked to colon, lung and prostate cancer. It is wiser to choose your multi-vitamin after consulting experts and try hard to avoid artificial supply.