9 Cancer-causing drinks you need to avoid

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Cancer is the most dangerous disease humans on the face of the earth ever confronted.

As per the latest reports, out of every 100,000 humans in the USA, about 163.5 people are dying because of cancer. The disease is the byproduct of today’s leisure lifestyle and other unhealthy food and drinking habits.

But, studies recommend that healthy diets and drinks can lower down the risk of cancer and prevent about 30-50 percent of all cancers.

Our bodies are more than 50 percent of water. If you keep your body properly hydrated with healthy drinks, this is another way to prevent cancer.

The scariest disease once comes to you, even if you are healed of it, the side-effects will hunt you all of your life. The brutal and painful side effects sometimes discolor your entire body, and it takes ages to wipe out those side-effects.

9 Cancer-causing drinks you need to avoid

Prevention from cancer is imperative.

You need to follow everything experts recommend, and do everything that can reduce the cancer risk. Even if we follow everything suggested, sometimes family inheritance takes us down, and it happens.

These are some drinks you need to avoid to prevent cancer.


The latest researches have proven that there is a consistent relationship between cancer and alcohol.

Alcohols contain ethanol, and that ingredient is the primary cause of cancer, and experts advise against the regular consumption of liquors or heavy drinks.

The experts suggest a maximum of one drink per day for women and two drinks for men per day. If you exceed the limit, the ethanol can disrupt the cycle of your body cells resulting in cancer-causing.

I have seen many people claiming the regular consumption of red wine reduces the cancer risk; there is no such evidence proved in the study. So, the first lesson, do not take more than one or two drinks in a day if you do not want to grow cancer inside you.

Sugar-filled drinks:

A recent study on more than 118000 men and women across the United States of America suggests that people who drink more sugar oriented drinks are more likely to die all sorts of diseases including colon and breast cancers. The women who consume sugar-sweetened beverages regularly are more prone to fall in breast cancer. Sugar is one of the significant reasons for many diseases; people across the world are facing right now including diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, heart diseases and many more

Hot drinks:

Scientists have discovered over the years that drinking steamy hot beverages raises the risk of developing esophageal cancer.

The latest study showcases that, in a recent study, people who drink two cups of boiling tea every day likewise, doubled the risk of getting cancer compared to those who waited for their drinks to chill.

Bottled water:

BPA has long been a source of worry for the consumer of bottled water. The recent researches have showcased that BPA can be a hormone disrupter. This leads to many types of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer, and others.

The researches have shown that the exposure of the BPA on the animal has led to many diseases such as harming fertility, disrupting reproductive organs increasing the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Tap water:

No doubt the water infrastructure is aging and no sign of getting it replaced with a cutting edge technology.

The government insists on using toxic chemicals like Chlorine to clean up the harmful biological contaminants in tap water. Chlorine is one of the poisonous chemicals and usage of it for cleaning up tap water should be a point to ponder.

The other disinfection byproduct found in the tap water is more harmful than Chlorine. Such as, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) found in the tap water is raising the risk of cancer among the consumers.


The latest researches have proved that the caramel dye in darker-colored drinks can elevate the risk of cancer. The Darker colored sodas contain the chemical and the manufacturer’s claims that the chemical is the byproduct of soda production, and cannot be removed from the darker colored drinks.

If you are the one who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with lowering down the risk of getting cancer, it would be better to avoid darker colored sodas.

Like other energy drinks, the Soda contains tons of sugar, caffeine, and other ingredients.

The usage and regulations of the chemical product during the production of Soda differ from location to location. Like, in California State it requires to be labeled that the product contains the harmful ingredients or chemicals that can elevate the risk of cancer and other dangerous diseases.

Diet Soda:

Diet soda may not contain real sugar, and many think the consumption of the diet soda would have no negative impact. In fact, such people are giving lame excuses to consume something of the kind, the drink though does not contain real sugar but have sugar substitute like sucralose. Saccharin or aspartame. These are fake sugars and disrupt the body’s metabolism. In this way, the body is prone to store more fat lead to heart diseases. The ingredients of the kinds are also considered the primary reasons to cause bladder cancer.


You may not believe this, but the correct thing is fancy coffees are becoming the reasons to elevate cancer risk.

The general coffees that we drink at home are right for your health. They are anti-oxidant and prevent cancer and other diseases.

But, coffees that we drink from coffee shops are dangerous. The coffees include more creams and sugar compared to what we prepare at home. The extra chocolates, caramel, and syrup mixed in that coffee remove the actual positive impact of the coffee on our body.

The regular consumption of these fancy coffees can lead to obesity and diabetes, leading to bladder cancer.


Juicing is considered a healthy thing. The fact is that juicing may deliver some vital vitamins and minerals. But, the whole fruits contain more fiber and nutrition.

With juicing, we remove the pulp or the skin and lose the critical nutrition our body requires.

The regular consumption of only juices is linked to causing rectal cancer. This may be the high-level of sugar the juices contain.