Top 10 warning signs of breast cancer other than a lump

1. Nipple Changes:

Most nipple changes are nothing to worry about. As every woman’s nipple is slightly different and can show different signs when something dangerous occurs. But, the glaring signs of breast cancers other than lumps are changed in the shape, size, or color of the nipples.

One sign is that the nipple suddenly pushes inward instead of pointing out. This kind of nipples is called inverted or retracted.

A change in the color, the texture of the nipple can be a sign of cancer. Look for the scaly rash, dimpling that resembles the skin of orange zest. The nipple can turn red or purple; you will feel rash, hot, and comfortable in that area.

2. Change in the breast size:

Though, women usually have one slightly larger and small breast. But, a sudden increase in the size mimics something dangerous that has happened to the body. Look for the sudden changes or a breast that continues to grow. An unexpected change in the breast should ring the bell. Open next to see more, the 10th is very common and dangerous …